Every TU Wien employee is responsible for ensuring that the activities carried out in the course of their daily work are of high quality. Responsibility for quality assurance within the quality management framework lies with the University Council. The Council specifies the direction TUW should take in terms of improving quality standards and oversees the implementation of a quality culture geared towards this. Centralised and decentralised quality assurance are intertwined here. In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity for the quality management system, supplementary regulations apply at faculty level, so that regulations are only made centrally if they cannot duly be made at a decentralised level in line with the quality policy. Thus, operationality and participation are executed through a subsidiary decentralised regulatory authority, and the initiative and design of the QMS are the responsibility of (decentralised) participants and organisational units, opens an external URL in a new window, provided that this is appropriate in terms of quality policy.