testing machine – ZwickRoell LMT2

Testing machine (ZwickRoell LMT2) for components and assemblies in aircraft for safety and reliability

provided by TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA

  • component testing, static and dynamic tests, fatigue testing up to full-scale components
  • multi-axial test field 13m x 20 m
  • material testing, material properties, tensile and compression testing up to 10 MN
  • torsion testing, fracture mechanic testing, low cycle fatigue testing
  • chemical analysis, full metallographic analysis (REM/EDX), corrosion testing
  • volatile Hydrogen measurement
  • climatic chamber 2,5 x 2,5 x 3m, -40 °C<T<90 °C, humidity <90%
  • measurement of force, displacement, acceleration, strain gauge 250+ channels
  • 3D deformation measurement
  • damage analysis
  • EMC and EMI services in test chamber of 13 x 10 x 6m
  • mobile measurements
  • flexible and efficient laboratory infrastructure
Red bag labeled "Quality and Safety"