highest energy efficiency at reduced costs in production & maintenance

  • sensorless control for drives of highest reliability
  • lower costs in production and maintenance
  • with reluctance motors: no need for rare-earth magnets, no magnetic field in de-energized state – advantageous for special functions, e.g. magnetic bearings
  • top energy efficiency (IE4)
  • without mechanical encoders – e.g. rotor position sensors or tacho generators
  • highly dynamic speed and torque controls
  • “jerk-free” acceleration and braking, from a standstill and under variable load
  • no permanent angular error – not even with overload or low speed
  • without rotor position sensors: reduction of installation space, omission of sensor cables and plug connections
  • during installation, maintenance or repair: no need to match the position sensor and the magnets’ position in the motor; possible wiring and maintenance errors in connecting sensor and controller excluded
  • suitable for safety-critical applications
  • for existing system designs: suitable as redundant check on position and speed
  • 30 years experience in the design of sensorless controlled synchronous motors
  • based on proven INFORM® control system with tens of thousands of systems on the market - e.g. in medical technology and aviation

Innovation level

  • for the first time energy-saving, highly efficient synchronous drives at low system costs
  • already successfully used in various series applications, for example in medical technology and aviation

Target groups and applications

  • eMobiliy, automotive
  • aerospace
  • medical technology
  • machine tools, production machines, automation
  • construction machinery and lifting equipment
  • emergency units of various sorts
  • consumer goods
  • from a few watts to the megawatt range
  • cost-effective replacement for asynchronous motors
  • drives with highest energy efficiency (IE4) and reliability even under difficult environmental conditions – e.g. no freezing nor corrosion of sensor


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sensorless reluctance motor

Rotor for sensorless reluctance motor

Rotor for sensorless reluctance motor

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