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TU Wien: Liquid Liquid Extraction

Continuous extraction of dissolved materials from a fluid stream

  • reliable separation of two fluids with different densities
  • for example, useful for the extraction of organic components from a multiphase flow
  • through the use of a non-miscible extractant (aqueous or organic)
  • in hydrodynamic device - with centrifugal extractor on one single wave
  • minimal space requirements, low number of required parts, minimal dead volume and overrun volume
  • control of extraction intensity and quality of separation via shaft rpm and residence time
  • intensity and time of mixing determined by internal geometry alone
  • multi-stage extractions possible in one unit and on one wave
  • high extraction performance (mixing and separation)
  • compact, reliable and durable construction
  • production, operation and maintenance all inexpensive

Level of Innovation

  • First compact and robust device that works continuously and reliably removes a fluid component, or else one or more dissolved organic components from a fluid mixture.

Applications and Target Groups

  • continuous and reliable separation of valuable dissolved components from a fluid stream 
  • manufacturers of measuring devices and analysis equipment
  • research and production departments in the pharma, biotech, cosmetic, foodstuff, chemical, paper, hydrometallurgical and fuel industries


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