Flexible production of sustainable green fuels from biogenic residues

Flexible Production of Sustainable Green Fuels

Unique development environment for the industry offers digital tools, labs and pilot plant

  • flexible production of CO2-neutral hydrogen, synthetic natural gas (SNG), methane, liquid fuels or diverse organic commodity chemicals
  • conversion of a variety of biogenic and industrial residues into fuels and, as by-products, into electricity and district heating
  • system energy efficiencies between 80 and 50%, based on dual fluidised bed steam gasification (DFB) and utilisation of CO2
  • 100 kW plant and laboratories offering possibilities to test the entire process chain from feedstock to end products
  • digital modelling and simulation tools to determine realistic performance indicators, for process design, control and optimisation
  • comprehensive development environment for energy-intensive industry, utilities and plant operators to realise their industrial-scale plans
  • operation of our own state-accredited testing laboratory for the reliable characterisation of input materials
  • consulting for pre-planning, design, implementation and operation as well as optimisation of demonstration and industrial plants
  • significant contribution to decarbonisation or closing CO2 cycles in energy supply, production and mobility worldwide
  • TU process of DFB steam gasification already successfully implemented in seven industrial plants with 4 – 33 MW fuel heating capacity
  • over 30 years of experience with thermo-chemical conversion of biogenic fuels into various energy carriers

Innovation level:

  • Trade Show Premiere: complete evaluation of simulation results along the entire process chain using our own pilot and laboratory facilities
  • multiple patent protection available

Target groups and applications:

  • innovative energy-intensive industries
  • plant engineering and construction companies
  • energy suppliers and utilities
  • plant operators who require innovative products and processes for their plants
  • transport and logistics companies
  • producers in sustainable agriculture, food production and forestry
  • research and development partners for implementing demonstration projects


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3D representation of a plant for the production of green fuels.

Green Fuels – Plant

Digital simulation of the dual bed flidized gasification (DFB) reactors with particels.

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Green Fuels – Particle VolFrac

efficiency table - every wastetype to green gas (64%), hydrogen (60%), green fuels (50%)


Flexible Production of Sustainable Green Fuels