Hydrogentransport with the new and efficient HylyPure® filter and compressor system

  • use of existing gas grids as means of transportation for hydrogen – e.g. from electrolysis with green power
  • membrane-based HylyPure® technology for the separation and innovative recompression of hydrogen
  • high-purity hydrogen (99.97%) for fuel cells
  • key technology for the effective implementation of efficient power-to-gas-to-power systems 
  • safe, economical, flexible and elegant coverage of decentralised hydrogen demand

Level of innovation

  • safe on-demand supply of hydrogen filling stations for CO2-free mobility

Application & target groups

  • supply of stationary fuel cells for reconversion into electrical power
  • flexible supply of non-fossil hydrogen to chemical, steel and other industries – without natural gas reforming 
  • creation of a hydrogen infrastructure by innovative energy suppliers
  • power utilities, automotive, chemical industry, investors
HylyPure® – H2-Gasstation (OMV)


OMV Gastankstelle

HylyPure® – H2-Gasstation (image: © OMV)