Colloidal lignin instead of chemically synthesized additives

  • for UV protection, biocides, antioxidants, emulsifiers, drug carriers
  • natural and sustainable alternative to ecologically problematic ingredients
  • multifunctional, sulfur-free biomaterial particles
  • extracted from woody residual biomass
  • UV absorbing, antibacterial, antioxidant effect
  • additionally suitable as a physical emulsifier and active agent carrier
  • biodegradable
  • environmentally sound, efficient production process - 1-step, easily scalable
  • high raw material variability: can be produced from all types of wood to woody biomass  - e.g. from agriculture and forestry, garden centers, food production

Level of innovation

  • sustainable production process, without problematic auxiliary substances; smart process design without multiple precipitation – global novelty!
  • first public presentation at the HM 2020
  • protected by patents

Target groups

  • cosmetics (COSMOS, NATRUE compliant), food, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile, dye, paint and coating industry
  • manufacturers of ingredients for these industries
  • companies and organisations with biomass residues
  • plant engineering
Circle which shows the plurality of possible applications of the Colloidal Lignin

Colloidal Lignin – Applications Circle

Colloidal Lignin – particles – 2-times washed

Colloidal Lignin – particles – 2-times washed (50k) (image: © TU Wien)