Green power storage with pump turbine

Green power storage – modular and scalable for electric power of 0.5 MW to 15 MW

  • with system efficiency of 70-80%
  • quick response time 
  • highly efficient and cost-effective
  • considerable cost reduction thanks to needs-based assembly of standard components produced cost-effectively in series
  • modular system of identical impeller or motor/generator units, in combination with commercially available frequency converters
  • long lifetime, short construction time 
  • for buffering of all forms of renewable energy
  • excellent compatibility with other storage technologies

Level of innovation

  • effective possibility for regional management at low and medium voltage level
  • first fully modularised pump turbine for small or large series production
  • most energy-efficient basis for hybrid storage solutions

Application & target groups

  • use of existing water reservoirs and old mines
  • increasing the flexibility of existing high-pressure hydropower plants by retrofitting
  • new construction of pumped storage plants in alpine regions and in mining regions with little water and very high head
  • operators and Installers of wind power or photovoltaic plants
  • energy self-sufficient communities, showcase regions, regional and urban planning
  • network operators


modular pumpturbine - technical illustration

Green electricity storage with pump turbine

modular pumpturbine - technical illustration