Epoxi resin with self-curing technology

Curing of a carbon fiber composite by a short UV pulse

Particle filled composite materials

environmentally friendly, highly efficient on-demand polymer curing

  • highly time- and energy-efficient curing technology
  • environmentally friendly alternative to conventional resin systems
  • one-pot-system: easy to work with, excellent long-term storage stability
  • rapid, deep and complete curing as a result of a local light or heat impulse
  • for various structures, even complex ones
  • for fiber and particle composites, molded parts, crack fillings, adhesives, impregnating resins and casting compounds
  • suitable for underwater application
  • same material properties as conventional epoxy resin polymers of high quality (Young’s modulus: 3800 MPa, tensile strength: 64 MPa, impact resistance: 10.64 kJ / m2, glass transition temperature: 160°C)


Innovation Level:

  • first versatile one-pot epoxy resin system with months of storage stability and self-curing technology
  • based on the new frontal polymerization technology, which is worldwide unique in its form
  • fair novelty


Target groups and applications:

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • building and construction
  • plastics technology, composites
  • boatbuilding, high-tech sports equipment
  • electrical and electronics industries



Lightweight: epoxy - carbon fiber composite material

under water glue