The annual ICS cycle maps the schedule and activities to be carried out annually.

The annual ICS cycle shows the schedule to be followed by all parties involved. By 15.01, the PGVs are requested to nominate the PVs, the PVs have from 15.02 to 15.05 to update the processes or create new ones, after which the PV gives approval, the applied standards are checked for correctness by ICS_B and after this second approval, the PGV still has to give its consent. Then the tu-wide RKM is updated and the current processes are uploaded to the website. The annual spot checks of the KC are still carried out and at the end, the annual reporting takes place in the Rectorate.


ICSB ... ICS Officer
KC ... Key Control
PGV ... Process Group Manager
PV ... Process Manager
RK ... Rectorate
RKM ... Risk-Control-Matrix

The ICS workflow was mapped using the DEMI model.

The processes can be called up under "Annual ICS workflow as DEMI process illustration".