If you have worked for the TU Wien and would like to stay in touch with us, please check back regularly. In addition to the activities of the TU Wien Alumni club, opens an external URL in a new window and the current information of the staff newspaper freihaus, we would like to inform you about events and initiatives to which you are still cordially invited.

Newsletter and TU Magazine

Due to the current situation, the contact can unfortunately only remain virtual for the time being. But until then, we will be happy to inform you, for example, about highlights from research or further training opportunities. Choose the topics that interest you from our newsletter offer (you can unsubscribe at any time): events.crm.tuwien.ac.at/TU/Home/edit/newsletter, opens an external URL in a new window

In addition, we recommend reading the current TU Wien magazine on climate. The magazine is a colourful mix of topics that move the TU Wien and make you want to read more. Subscribe to it free of charge by mail or as an ePaper (if you are interested, please return your postal or e-mail address). Here is the link to the gleanings: https://www.tuwien.at/tu-wien/ueber-die-tuw/berichte-und-dokumente/tu-wien-magazin/, opens an external URL in a new window
If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Schipani from Community Relations: nicole.schipani@tuwien.ac.at.

best.ager platform

If you also enjoyed your work and could imagine being employed at the TU Wien for a while in your retirement? Then perhaps the best.ager platform is something for you.  You can find more at: www.tuwien.at/tu-wien/arbeiten-an-der-tuw/der-bewerbungsprozess/, opens an external URL in a new window

Stay in touch with us.

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