Payroll Accounting Services

The ongoing services we offer on request include consideration of the commuter allowance, sole earner and single parent tax credits, safeguarding for the future and similar. In addition, you will receive salary confirmations, annual salary statements and assistance relating to topics such as employee remuneration information, from gross to net etc.

Going into more detail, we can offer you the following services:

  • Wage slip
  • Safeguarding for the future, trade unions
  • Commuter allowance
  • Travel expenses statement
  • Salary confirmations
  • Checking the civil servant statement
  • Judicial seizures
  • Sole earner tax credit
  • Provision of information for pension insurance institution
  • Tax allowance assessment
  • Payroll accounting
  • Transfers to tax authorities
  • Supporting the transition to PM unipers
  • Contact for statutory tax authorities

Information and forms

If you have any questions about individual forms or do not know what to do despite the documentation, the Payroll team will of course be happy to help you in person or by phone or email.

Retrieval of the monthly employee remuneration information - instructions, opens a file in a new window

Form E30, opens an external URL in a new window for consideration of the family bonus and sole earner/single parent tax credit can be completed and signed in the original and sent, delivered in person or transmitted as a PDF to “Payroll – E067-03-2”.

Please note: a copy of the assessment for the receipt of family allowance is required. Your application cannot be considered without a valid assessment.

Payroll must be informed as soon as possible about any possible changes to the family allowance.

Employee remuneration information is generated for every TU Wien employee during the course of the monthly payroll accounting. This provides information by means of numerous assessment bases, back calculations, recorded data and secondary values and therefore is more confusing to the layman than it is informative.

Therefore, we have attempted to write a short document “employee remuneration information, opens a file in a new window” explaining what this entails and the most frequently used terms and abbreviations.

Of course, the Payroll team will be happy to help is any of your questions remain unanswered.

As a matter of principle, all employee salary payments are made on 15th of the month, except for civil servants whose salary is paid on the first of the month.

For tutors, lecturers and the like, payments are only made upon receipt of the entrustment notification.

The notification for submission to the employer of the relevant tax office for the current and subsequent calendar year must be sent or delivered in person by the employee to “Payroll – E067-03-2”.

If a lower allowance is taken into account than the one shown, the staff member must enter this in the field provided and confirm it by means of a signature.

The amount of the allowances taken into account when calculating the current income tax is shown on the reference slip under the abbreviation “ALL”.

If a salary confirmation is required by the employee for a magistrate, bank or housing association, the Austrian Public Employment Service etc., in principle a printed form from the institution concerned must be sent to Payroll. Once this has been processed by the clerk, confirmation will be returned to/picked up by the respective employee.

If no printed form is provided, a salary confirmation for the required period will be created and signed by Payroll and sent to the employee.

The wage slip for the elapsed calendar year includes all gross remunerations, excluding income taxable remunerations/additional charges. It will be drawn up after the end of a calendar year until the end of February the following year, or until the end of the month following retirement, and transmitted electronically to the responsible tax office.

For active employees, the final wage slip can be retrieved via the ESS or SAP Web, opens a file in a new window. If you require old wage slips or have already left the company, you can request these by telephoning or emailing Payroll, stating your HR reference number (if available) and date of birth.

Since February 2014, the employer only can accept applications evaluated by the Ministry of Finance’s commuter calculator, opens an external URL in a new window.

Employees who are resident outside Austria or whose address or route cannot be determined by the commuter calculator are excluded from this regulation. In cases such as this, they can submit the application using form L33, opens an external URL in a new window. The relevant form must be signed and sent or delivered in person to “Payroll – E067-03-2”.

When taking out the insurance policy with the relevant insurance provider, the full insurance policy must be sent or delivered in person to “Payroll – E067-03-2”.

The monthly amount retained by the employer (currently EUR 25.00) is transferred to the respective insurance institution and reduces the monthly tax assessment base of the employee.