HR Process Management Services


  • Responsibility for SAP module:
    Organisation Management (OM) – unipers
    HR Administration (HRA) – pmsap/unipers
  • SAP reporting:
    Ad hoc queries and reports
  • Responsibility for SAP training for the HR Administration:
    Creation of training documents
    Training for the individual HRA service units
  • Interface – Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH:
    Interface between SAP users at TU Wien and the BRZ SAP operators
    Implementation and coordination of the results achieved


HR cost planning – global budgeting and approval of job vacancies

  • Job advertisement via digital workflow:
  • Review and approval of job advertisements:
    Review and approval of job vacancy applications submitted through the digital workflow for scientific university staff
    Comment: Approval of job advertisements for general university staff by Carmen Keck
  • HR cost planning:
    Checking the actual personal data
    Review of the submitted planning version
    Review of the target values
    Creation of reports for the Rectorate and Vice Rectorate Human Resources


Electronic HR business processes (ePGP)

  • Creation, maintenance and implementation of the records in the BKSg
  • Creation, maintenance and roll-out of the processes (process administration)
  • Coordination with external partners and internal service departments



  • Digitalisation of existing HR processes
  • Coordination and/or participation in new projects in the HR Administration Unit



  • Data collection pursuant to the Austrian Education Documentation Act
  • Analysis, definition and compilation of key figures
  • Data collection for university management
  • Preparation of HR master data
  • HR cost calculations (global budgeting)