TU OnlineMentoring

Participation conditions

Eligibility and registration

Schoolgirls aged 16 or over and female students in their first semester at TU Wien are eligible to take part.

You need to sign up to participate in TU OnlineMentoring. Register by completing an online application form. The registration form must be completed correctly and in full. Participants are obliged to give a true and complete account of all their personal details and contact information.

Conditions of participation

The relationship between mentor and mentee is based on mutual trust and is voluntary in nature.

You are not obliged to participate in the TU OnlineMentoring programme and be allocated a mentee or a mentor. There is no right of appeal regarding admission and allocation.

Mentors and mentees are responsible for shaping their relationship. TU Wien is neither liable for the content nor for any consequences of mentoring.

Participation in the TU OnlineMentoring programme is intended primarily for one or two semesters, but can be ended prematurely by the mentee, in agreement with the mentor. Should a mentor wish to end their participation prematurely, the organising team must be informed in good time, a month before the intended end date.

Participants are obliged:

  • To treat as confidential and not disclose to third parties any personal data and information belonging to those involved that has come to their notice during their participation in the TU OnlineMentoring programme.
  • Not to include in the mentoring relationship any topics that could be regarded as discriminatory or offensive to the other person. This applies in particular to any topics and actions that are insulting, sexual, political, racial, commercially-motivated, religious or belief-related in nature, or that glorify violence.