SAP is an integrated standard business software product. Here at TU Wien, SAP is used for accounting management (bookkeeping, purchasing, sales, controlling), personnel management (personnel data management, payroll accounting, time management) and much more. Other uses include maintenance and inventory management.

We use SAP to ensure that our business processes are user-friendly, efficient and transparent as well as being digital wherever possible.

The SAP Service Group is responsible for running and developing the SAP systems (productive and test systems) and the SAP applications used at TU Wien. This includes management and support of SAP users in their day-to-day work with SAP as well as ensuring communication with other data processing systems, such as TISS, TU Insight and eDok/Pro.

Further information

Further information, documents and forms are available on the internal section of the TU website. You will need to log in to access them.

SAP Support is available over the phone using the extension number 407890 or via email at Opening times can be found on the right-hand side.

As well as managing the SAP system used across TU Wien, the SAP Service Group is responsible for running and developing the SAP Services platform and the SAP ESS Portal.

The TU Wien SAP system can be accessed in the following ways:

    SAP client (installation for MS Windows, MacOSx, Linux)

    SAP web GUI (internet browser)

SAP Development is responsible for the development and maintenance of SAP systems at TU Wien.