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A bright laser beam hits the sample, the scattered light is collected by a telescope.

Scientists at Vienna University of Technology have found a way to detect chemicals over long distances, even if they are enclosed in containers.

Genetically modified fungi can produce pharmaceuticals from chitin - the substance, crab shells are made of. (TU Vienna, Creative Commons, Hans Hillewaert)

Fungi with additional foreign genes have been created at the Vienna University of Technology. They can now turn chitin into pharmaceuticals.

The Bohr model assumes that the electron moves around the nucleus, much like a planet around its star.

The planet Jupiter keeps asteroids on stable orbits – and in a similar way, electrons can be stabilized in their orbit around the atomic nucleus. Calculations carried out at…

Picture of a heavy-ion collision at CERN (copyright: CERN)

Previous theories imposed a limit on how “liquid” fluids can be. Recent results at the Vienna University of Technology suggest that this limit can be broken by a quark-gluon…

Magnetism - large and small

Tiny crystals exhibit unexpected properties. Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology and the S.N. Bose National Centre Kolkata can now explain why.