TU Kids & Care

Balancing family with your career or studies at TU Wien

TU Kids & Care was set up on 1 February 2016 to support all TU members with matters relating to balancing family life with their career or studies. This office is responsible for implementing these matters on an operational level. In addition to its role as the central point of contact and service point, it also comes up with childcare solutions.


KIWI in-house kindergarten at TU Wien
Manager: Claudia Unger
Wiedner Hauptstraße 9, 1040 Vienna

T +43 1 890 63 69
M +43 664 851 74 71
F +43 1 526 70 07 – extension 6016


Pre-register for the in-house kindergarten

Please fill out the TU kindergarten pre-registration form and send it to: kigavoranmeldung@tuwien.ac.at

Places are awarded in line with the specified allocation criteria. Contact the kindergarten manager if you have any questions about registration.

Hourly childcare for children aged between 1 and 3 years old.

Your children will be looked after by KIWI teachers and carers.

Opening hours: Mon. to Fri.: 09.00 a.m.–01.00 p.m. and 02.00 p.m.–05.00 p.m.
Minimum care period: 2 hours/day
Maximum care period: 15 hours/week
Costs: € 3/hour of care

Location: Enter from the courtyard, Resselgasse 3/Wiedner Hauptstraße, 1040 Vienna
Registration and care agreement: You can register online via the following link: www.kinderinwiendaycare.at. By doing so, you as the parent are entering into an agreement with KIWI. Note: You must reserve in advance online!

Costs and payment

TU Wien students can purchase daycare vouchers for the required number of hours from the Union of Students, which can be redeemed directly at the daycare centre. 
TU employees receive a collective invoice for the hours of care used in the past month.


More information: Claudia Unger | Manager of KIWI TU daycare group, tu-wien@kinderinwien.at
Payment questions: Sonja Bigl & Vera Kuzmits | TU Kids & Care | HR Development, vereinbarkeit@tuwien.ac.at
General information: Dr Kerstin Schneider-Hornstein | In-house kindergarten advisory board, kerstin.schneider-hornstein@tuwien.ac.at
Ewa Vesely | Compatibility officer | In-house kindergarten advisory board, ewa.vesely@tuwien.ac.at
Daycare vouchers for students: Union of Students, sozial@htu.at


Manager: Barbara Desch
Gusshausstraße 24, 1040 Vienna, left-hand mezzanine
15 places for children aged between 1.5 and 3 years old
Places are awarded in line with the specified allocation criteria. Contact the TUKS manager if you have any questions about registration.

  • Children’s playground in the courtyard of the ET campus, Gußhausstraße 27–29
  • Children’s room in the library, 1st floor, energy-plus tower block, Getreidemarkt 9/BA, 1060 Vienna
  • High-chairs in the canteen
  • Mobile children’s room (children’s table and chairs, blackboard, chalks, gym mats, cushions, play mat)
  • Baby baths can be borrowed on a short-term basis
  • Changing table locations: (freely accessible)
    • Argentinierstraße 8, 5th floor, accessible toilet
    • Karlsplatz 13, staircase 3, ground floor, accessible toilet
    • Gußhausstraße 27–29, staircase 1, ground floor, accessible toilet
    • Wiedner Hauptstraße 8–10, yellow zone, 1st floor, women’s toilet
    • Favoritenstraße 9–11, ground floor, accessible toilet, behind the Zemanek seminar room

Participating in academic events is essential for developing your career in academia. To ensure that this option is also available to members with childcare obligations, TU Wien provides professional childcare for children aged between 1 and 10 years old in conjunction with KIWI during academic events, congresses and conferences where necessary. A flexible children’s room is available during conferences, meaning that mums and dads can participate without any worries.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form and send it to tukids@tuwien.ac.at. Please note that you must submit the form at least 3 weeks before the planned event.

Summer holidays @ TU Wien

Each year in the summer holidays, we offer a varied, interesting programme of summer courses for school children aged between 6 and 13 years old. In 2019, all summer courses are already fully booked.


The new techNIKE option in our summer holiday programme is an initiative from TU Wien to get more girls aged between 6 and 10 years old excited about technology. As part of the childcare week, girls who have signed up have the opportunity to participate in a technical workshop on the Wednesday morning. If you are interested, you can register your daughter for this option using the general application form. (Children may only participate in techNIKE if they are registering for the entire week.)
During this period, we look after your children Monday to Friday from 07.30 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.


WITHIN TU: € 70,- per child per week (English learning week: € 100,- per child per week)
OUTSIDE TU: € 170,- per child per week (English learning week: € 200,- per child per week)


No more registration possible.

(We want all employees to be able to access our childcare options for their children for at least 1 week during the holidays. This means that you can only secure 1 week-long programme for your child at the moment. You do have the option of putting your name down for other weeks too.)

Relatives who provide care

We provide information and coaching for employees with relatives in need of care.
Under the motto 'Mehr als ich kann' (which translates as 'More than I can'), we offer the following options on a regular basis for TU Wien employees with relatives who require care:

  • Workshops and information from experts
  • Coaching on how to deal with challenging situations
  • A networking platform

Wed., 8th May 2019, 02.00 p.m. to 04.30 p.m.
GUT Schulungsraum

Target audience

All interested members of TU Wien, including those who are not yet carers.

Seminar content

Around 80 per cent of people requiring care in Austria are looked after at home by relatives. This could mean providing support with day-to-day life, helping with organisation, taking on difficult tasks (gardening, shopping, washing etc.), accompanying them to appointments or even 24-hour care.
Most relatives who provide care also still have jobs. In 2013, TU Wien therefore established the ‘Mehr als ich kann’ networking platform for those who provide care for their relatives, with the aim of offering people affected by or interested in these issues the opportunity to exchange with experts in an informal setting.

During the networking meetings, all those affected by or interested in these matters are able to discuss their own topics and exchange their individual experiences on a confidential basis and under the guidance of Christiane Miksch (supervisor and psychologist specialising in care).

You can register for the event via TISS or via email at vereinbarkeit@tuwien.ac.at.

Opening hours:

Logo TU Kids&Care

Monday 09.00 - 17.00
Tuesday 09.00 - 15.00
Thursday 09.00 - 15.00

Coordination Büro für Vereinbarkeit

Sonja Bigl



Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien, Österreich

T +43 1 58801 410864

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