The AKG must be involved at several stages in the process. The necessary information is as follows:

  1. Graphical overview (German only) of the entire appointment procedure
  2. Statutory provisions, extracts of statutes and regulations on the appointment procedure
  3. Navigating the procedure for appointing a professor: 

Active search for suitable candidates

In order to simplify the procedure regarding the possibility of avoiding repetition of an advertisement, the AKG has established the following procedure: "AKG directives to avoid repetition of an advertisement, opens a file in a new window" (German only)

The advertising body/agency must demonstrate that it has made every effort to actively seek suitable female candidates. However, if no suitable female candidates have responded to the advertised post, a repeat advertisement can be placed in accordance with Article 29 of the FFP, subject to the following conditions: Evidence must be provided that the advertising body/agency has actively sought female candidates in accordance with Article 29 Para 2 of the FFP, based on the following list of minimum criteria.

The AKG's form regarding avoiding repetition of an advertisement must also be used for all admission procedures: Form to avoid repetition of an advertisement for professorships, opens a file in a new window (German olny)


Help to target potential female candidates

In order to find suitable female candidates, the following sources of information may be used or a request may be made for the call for applications to be disseminated more widely: