TUWEL guides

The Digital Teaching and Learning team provides a range of documents and training documentation, in various formats, about TUWEL and how to use it. The full set of guides are all available in the TUWEL tutorials course, opens an external URL in a new window! Please note that most services are only available to TU Wien employees.

An overview of the various guide formats is available here:

Short and clear guides explain TUWEL functions step by step using screenshots.
An example of a guide can be found here, opens an external URL in a new window.

The video tutorials provide a step-by-step explanation of the key features of TUWEL. The videos are short, usually lasting between 3 and 10 minutes.

An example of a video tutorial can be found here, opens an external URL in a new window.

The easiest way of viewing videos is via the playlist on our YouTube channel (link, opens an external URL in a new window).

Many teaching staff, colleagues and students wonder: "can I try some TUWEL functions for myself?" Yes you can - in a special TUWEL course. All TUWEL users can access a course entitled “TUWEL application scenarios”. This course presents all activities and study materials in the TUWEL learning platform. You can register for this course free of charge. As well as describing the various features, the course will also tell you more about various educational application scenarios, and give you the opportunity to try some practical examples across all the activities and study materials.

Here's how to open "TUWEL application scenarios":

  1. Click on this link: https://tuwel.tuwien.ac.at/course/view.php?idnumber=tuweldemo
  2. Log into TUWEL
  3. Click on the "Register" button

Note: This course can only be accessed by TU Wien employees.

Distance learning good practices and online examinations

All documents relating to distance learning, in which the Digital Teaching and Learning team has been involved are available as a collection on the Distance Learning team's TUcoLAB page: https://colab.tuwien.ac.at/x/swOQ, opens an external URL in a new window

This is where you can find some sample documents on the following subjects:

  • Guide to online tests and examinations
  • Concept proposals for distance learning
  • FAQs and descriptions of online tools
  • etc.

Please note, not all documents are available to the wider public, many materials are only available to TU Wien employees.

E-learning tool recommendations

Recommendations for the media-didactic use of e-learning tools can be found in our E-Didactic Guide (EDIN). EDIN can be accessed here, opens an external URL in a new window (no registration required, currently only available in German).

We are also involved in the digital tool catalog of the TU Wien, you can find the catalog here under this link.


The Digital Teaching and Learning team organises webinars on various fields within digital teaching and learning.

Recurring webinars:

  • Online events about new features in TUWEL updates (e.g. for winter term 2023, see Video)
  • Webinars on major new features in TUWEL (e.g. for H5P, see Video)

Examples of past webinars:

  • Past webinars from the "Teachers helping teachers" event series (Videos):
    • Flipped classroom - Opportunities, risks, solutions
    • Automated exams and exercises - examples from teaching practice  (Slides MATLAB Grader & Möbius)
    • Digital handwriting in my LVA
  • Competence-based assessment: Assessment at all levels (Video, Slides, Handout)
  • Taking exams in TUWEL (Video)
  • Distance Learning with web-conferencing tools – opportunities and hurdles (Video part 1, Video part 2)
  • Transformation of the exam culture? Skills-orientated teaching and examining at TU Wien 2025 (Video part 1, Video part 2, Video part 3)
  • Distance learning: Are your students still engaged? Activity, motivation and feedback (Video)
  • Effective videos in distance learning (Video part 1, Video part 2)
  • ...