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Electronically supported exams on campus - how does it work?

Digital written exams on campus are conducted in the PC rooms of the TU Vienna as well as in suitable teaching rooms (e.g. Audimax).

 This type of examination has the following advantages: 

  • Depending on the type of assignment, you benefit from an automated evaluation of the exam
  • easier assurance of the integrity of the examination

Written on campus exams via TUWEL

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The exam paper (only MC questions) is filled out on campus as usual and scanned in and uploaded to TUWEL at the end of the exam period. The test is then evaluated online via TUWEL.

Practical exams

With the support of electronic tools

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- Demonstration: Presentation of an issue, e.g. a lecture, which is assessed by the individual examiner or the examination board. 

- Production: Production of an examination product e.g. workpiece, business plan: Workpiece, business plan, which are assessed by the individual examiner or the examination board. 

- Simulation: Operation of real scenarios e.g.: Flight simulator, business game

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