Asynchronous exams are, for example, take-home exams, but also seminar papers or exam papers that may be worked on in writing at home (in the form of an open-book exam) and must be uploaded to TUWEL as an assignment at a certain specified time.


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Take-home exams are written (incl. mathematical), planning and drawing papers of any kind, which are prepared outside a strictly limited examination situation in terms of time and space and submitted online. They comply with the open-book concept, i.e. they may be written with the help of aids (but not with the help of other people!). They can be prepared digitally or on paper and then digitised (i.e. scanned or photographed).

Tools for take-home exams: 

  • The TUWEL module Assignment is used for the submission and assessment of, as well as feedback on, all forms of written and drawn work - digitally produced as well as scanned.
  • The TUWEL module Database is used for the collection of work to be presented in a searchable systematic context and also allows assessment and feedback (also by peers).
  • The TUWEL Forum module can be used for the submission and evaluation of all forms of digital documents as well as for feedback on them if this is to serve as a starting point for further discussions.

For more information and assistance, open EDIN- the E- Didactic Reference Book, opens an external URL in a new window - Take Home Exams.