TU Wien offers a wide range of studies related to technology. As a university, we see ourselves as an academic training institution. This means that our study programmes aim to provide you with a sound scientific education in a specific field of science. You will not receive concrete professional training from us. Rather, the academic education enables you to take up professions related to your studies.

The TU Wien sees its education as a presence university for full-time students. We therefore assume, even if courses are held as online or distance courses, that you can basically come to us at the TU Wien at any time.

The difference from school

University studies are very different from the teaching offered in schools. There are no lessons according to a fixed timetable in a class with your fellow students, rather your study progress is determined by your individual attendance of courses in order to fulfil the requirements of the curriculum. You are responsible for which courses you attend in a semester. The timetable is more of an individual time grid and not a specification by TU Wien. Therefore, you will quickly notice that the people who start studying together with you do not form a fixed group that goes through the study programme, but rather a strong splitting up takes place very quickly. However, we expressly recommend that you form study groups yourself and master individual courses or even entire groups of courses together if possible. Getting to know each other personally is an important prerequisite for this. We know that such an approach significantly increases the chances of a successful graduation.

What do you have to do to enrol?

In order to start a degree programme, you must fulfil general admission requirements. This is, for example, an Austrian Matura. In other cases, a written application for admission may have to be submitted. In addition to these general requirements, there are studies with a limited number of study places. For these studies, selection procedures take place. For all Bachelor's programmes without an selection procedure, a Programme-PRe-Phase must be fulfilled before admission. There are deadlines for all of these procedures, which you must meet. Before you start your studies, you will then be admitted to the degree programme. Again, this is within a separate admission period. When you are admitted, you will receive your matriculation number. This means that you have officially begun your studies.

How does the programme work?

With your matriculation number, you can then register for courses within registration deadlines and thus actually begin your studies. At the beginning of the Bachelor's programmes, there is a so-called STEOP. This must be completed in order to be able to attend further courses.

Courses lead to so-called individual certificates. These are the confirmation that you have completed the course. These certificates contain your name, matriculation number, the ECTS of the course and a grade. In order to be able to use a certificate for graduation, proof of academic achievement for a grant, etc., the grade must be positive. If this is not the case, you have the option of taking the course again. You may have to attend the entire course again or simply repeat an exam. There are different numbers of attempts depending on the progress of your studies. Please note, however, that too many negative retakes can lead to exclusion from the degree programme.

Similarly, from the winter semester 2022 there will be a legally prescribed minimum study performance within two years. Here, too, there is a risk of exclusion from the degree programme.

Do you have any questions?

The TU Wien is concerned to make it easier for you to start your studies and to facilitate the transition from school to university. Therefore, we offer some additional services for the start of your studies. Please take advantage of these offers in order to lay the foundation for successful studies. You can find all of our studies under Study Programmes. You can find more information on everyday study life under Studying at the TUW.