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Admission Requirements

The master's programme Computational Science and Engineering is suitable for graduates of a scientific or technical bachelor's programme.

Such bachelor's programmes at TU Wien are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Media Informatics and Visual Computing, Medical informatics, Software & Information Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technical Chemistry, Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Technical Physics, Process Engineering, Geodesy and Geoinformation, Business Informatics and Mechanical Engineering - Management.

Other programmes are suitable as well, as long as they compare to one of the listed bachelor's programmes. In particular a programme is suitable if the following knowledge, skills and competencies amount to at least 30 ECTS:

Computer Science

  • Programming languages (at least one): C; C++; Fortran; Java; Python.
  • Topics: Data Structures; Algorithms; Functions; Classes; Objectoriented Programming; Computer Architectures.


  • Linear algebra with eigenvalue problems: matrix and vector calculus; Inverting matrices; Solving linear systems of equations; Determination of determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Differential and integral calculus in one and several variables: real and complex numbers; Concept of function; sequences and series; Derivation in a variable; Integration in a variable; Power series; Gradients and total derivative; simple multidimensional domain integrals (rectangles, triangles)
  • Ordinary differential equations: linear differential equations; Solution by means of separation of the variables



Further Information