For graduates of the Bachelor's degree program in Architecture at TU Vienna, consecutive admission to the Master's degree program via TISS, opens an external URL in a new window is possible throughout the year.

All others must

  1. submit an application for admission to the Admissions Office and
  2. complete an online application in TISS.

Information on admission, the application and the required documents can be found on the website of the Admissions Office.

Deadlines and dates for online application 2024

Two consecutive application procedures are offered for each semester. We recommend completing the application procedure as early as possible, otherwise you will only find out very late whether admission to study at TU Wien is even possible.

  • Online registration from Monday, April 1, 2024 12:00 to Friday, June 7, 2024 23:59
  • Upload portfolio by Friday, June 7, 2024
  • Assignment: Publication: Wednesday, June 5, 2024, upload by Friday, June 7, 2024

The second procedure will take place afterwards.


At TUW barrier-free you will find general information on support for your academic studies. The team also helps us with the application process.

Please contact in due time ( from the start of registration) and let us know what form of support you require. Please note, however, that we cannot extend the deadlines even if you need support. In order to be able to support you during the application process, it is necessary to notify us of such a need as early as possible and, depending on the effort involved, at least a few days before the end of the registration period.


Irrespective of the online application, an application for admission must be submitted to the Admissions Office.

The online application procedure is as follows:

  1. create a TISS user or - if available - use your TU account.
  2. select application for the Master's program "Architecture" in TISS.
  3. Complete your data:
    1. personal data
    2. copy of identification document
    3. contact details
    4. fill in UHSTAT
  4. register within the deadline
    1. submit portfolio
    2. complete and submit the assignment
  5. application review
    1. wait for application review
    2. receive notification of admission
  6. prepare for admission
  7. admission to studies


If you are new at TU Wien please create a TISS, opens an external URL in a new window Guest-Account. With the TISS Guest-Account you can log in to our central TU Wien Information System (TISS).
The TISS guest account is created by entering your e-mail address and password in the form "Create account". Afterwards, a link for confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address. As soon as you visit the link, your e-mail address is verified and your account is created. 


A TU account is available to all students and employees of TU Wien. Therefore, if you are already studying or working at TU Wien, you can apply for a study programme within your TU account.


With your TISS account you can apply for a Study Programme. Your application will guide you through all necessary steps until you are admitted to the program. However, please also always take note of the general admission requirements which are described on the page of the Admissions Office.
With your application for a programme you also take part in the selection procedure. You can use it to process your registration, receive information in the section "Your Application" and can obtain documents.

The documents you hand in as part of the application will only be checked according to certain aspects of content. If your documents are accepted in the application, this does not mean that they are already sufficient for admission to the degree programme. Often you will have to submit additional documents at the time of admission.



The portfolio for admission to the Faculty of Architecture is a crucial component of your application. It should demonstrate your creative and constructive potential as well as your understanding of architectural concepts.

Therefore, please submit a selection of work that reflects not only the various aspects of architectural education, but also your design and construction skills.

This may include architectural sketches, drawings, models, photographs of projects, digital image syntheses or other relevant work. It is important that as many areas of architecture as possible are represented to demonstrate your ability to clearly communicate complex ideas.

In any case, please submit works of different scales (urban designs, projects with detailed, constructive elaboration, etc.), as these skills must also be determined in equivalence to the Bachelor's program at the TU.

The size of the portfolio is limited to 15 pages and 20 MB file size.

The portfolio must be submitted as ONE PDF file. The file must not exceed 20 MB in size and consist of a maximum of 15 pages. The PDF must not be secured. Furthermore, it must be possible to edit and print it in its entirety.

ATTENTION: There is only one opportunity to submit the portfolio. It is therefore not possible to subsequently change the submissions and upload them again.

It is always best to reduce the original images from which the PDF was created in an image editing program of your choice. This will give you the best results.

Alternatively, you can also use PDF software or an online service, opens an external URL in a new window to reduce the size of the finished PDF file.


As part of the assessment procedure for admission to the Master's degree program in Architecture at TU Wien, you will independently complete and upload two assignments from fundamental areas of architecture within a reasonable period of time.

One of these tasks involves the creative elaboration of a given standard floor of a building, while the other task involves the description of the structural layers of a detailed drawing.

Both tasks reflect essential skills that are expected of graduates of the Faculty's Bachelor's degree program in Architecture and of those who are aiming for a Master's degree in Architecture at the TU.

The assignment (consisting of two subtasks) must be submitted as ONE PDF file. The file must not exceed a size of 5 MB and consist of a maximum of 2 pages (each task on a separate page). The PDF must not be secured. Furthermore, editing and printing must be possible to the full extent.

ATTENTION: There is only one opportunity to submit the assignment. It is therefore not possible to subsequently change the submissions and upload them again.



If there are significant subject-related differences that can be compensated for with up to 30 ECTS, admission is granted with conditions (= additional courses to be completed from the Bachelor's degree program).

If there are no significant subject-related differences between the completed course and the corresponding Bachelor's degree program at the TU Vienna, admission is granted without conditions (= no additional courses).

Then admission to the Master's program at the TU Vienna is not possible.

Based on the documents submitted by you from

  1. the written application and the documents submitted to the Admissions Office
  2. the documents you submitted in the online application

it will be determined which significant subject-related differences exist and which conditions can be imposed to establish equivalence.

If the documents are missing, you cannot be admitted to the Master's program at the TU Vienna.

You will be informed by the TU Vienna

  1. after submitting all documents in the online application and
  2. after checking all documents of your written application

about the conditions for admission to the master’s program in written form.


Your personal data required for admission and legally required statistical data are recorded during the admission data collection process. Admission data must be collected directly from your application. You can only apply for admission once the data has been recorded. You also set the password for your future TU account as part of the data collection process. You will then need the TU account for your studies.

Admission is the official start of your studies. You can find more information on the admission pages.

You can complete the admission process from the time you receive your letter of admission. It always takes place in person at the Admissions OfficeTherefore, you must book an appointment in your online application.