What is required in the exam?

The ranking test consists of a written examination. Competencies from the following areas are tested:

Part A: Technical knowledge from the given subject matter.
Part B: text comprehension in German and English language
Part C: cognitive skills, especially formal-analytical and logical-inferential thinking

How can I prepare for the ranking test?

Learn the test material "Abenteuer Informatik - IT zum Anfassen für alle von 9 bis 99 - vom Navi bis Social Media". Our info sheet describes the test procedure. Furthermore, you can see examples for all types of tasks that come to the ranking test.

Both the book and the info sheet are available for download on this page.

What parts of the book do I need to learn?

For the ranking test you need to learn the following chapters:

  • Chapter 2 - Ordnung muss sein!
  • Chapter 3 - Ich packe meinen Koffer und …
  • Chapter 9 - Paketpost
  • Chapter 11 - Ordnung im Chaos
  • Chapter 12 - Mit Sicherheit
  • Chapter 14 - InformaGik
  • Chapter 15 - Allmächtiger Computer!?