The International Office of TU Wien provides advice and support to international students intending to study at TU Wien in the framework of international mobility programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, Joint Study, etc.).

General requirements

  1. Make sure (asking the office responsible for exchange) your university is an Erasmus/Joint Study partner of TU Wien.
  2. Make sure you can provide us with a valid language certificate.
  3. You want to do your thesis at TU Wien? You need to find a supervisor at TU Wien until the end of the application period. Please refer to the Fact Sheet for exact dates.

Language requirements

  • You need to submit a language certificate for the language(s) you intend doing courses in. The minimum level is B1 for German and B2 for English. The certificate can be issued by a school, university, language institute and needs to be written in German or English, clearly stating your CEFR level (B1, B2, C1, C2) – no online tests (e.g.: DuoLinguo, EF SET) will be accepted. Should you study in a German-speaking or English-speaking country you're exempt from the requirement to provide a certificate for German or English respectively.
  • You only want to do courses in English? We need at least a B2 English certificate.
  • You only want to do courses in German? We need at least a B1 German certificate at the time of registration. However, we recommend an excellent command of German at level B2 in order to pass exams successfully. Should you be in doubt about your level take a German course before and/or during your exchange at TU Wien.
  • You are doing courses both in German and English? We need a certificate for at least B1 German and B2 English. Should you not have one of the certificates available at the time of applying then you can send us your certificate until the time you send us your learning agreement.

NB! Bachelor students in Architecture are NOT allowed to select courses of the Master programme Architecture nor the Master programme Building Sciences and Environment. Bachelor students can only choose from the Bachelor programme and must therefore have excellent command in German on level B2 (see language skills). This regulation will apply to applicants in Architecture from summer semester 2025. It does not apply to Spatial Planning!

How to become an exchange student at TU Wien

  1. Express your intent at the responsible office at your home university.
  2. When approved by your university, they nominate you at
  3. You receive an email where you find precise instructions on how to register in our JIRA System.
    NB! Registration in JIRA is important for proceeding with your application and keeping communication between you and us.
  4. In JIRA you find information on how to proceed with your application.

Nomination and application deadlines as well as more information for Erasmus+ Students can be found at "Erasmus+: TU WIEN Fact Sheet" in the download section.

Contact in International Office

Attention: The International Office of TU Wien does not process applications to university studies, which are not within the framework of international mobility programmes. You can find information concerning regular admission university studies at the web page of the Admission Office, opens in new window.