Non-degree programme students

There are two possibilities to be admitted at the university: as a degree or a non-degree programme student. Degree programme students are enrolled in a bachelor, master or doctoral programme. As a non-degree programme student you cannot receive an academic degree – this is only possible within the framework of a degree programme.

Non-degree students are students who are:

  1. not yet holding a secondary school leaving certificate,
  2. attending the University Preparation Programme (i.e. German course),
  3. attending an University course (Universitätslehrgang),
  4. preparing for the University entrance qualification exam,
  5. doing the Academic validation.

If you are interested in attending an University course (Universitätlehrgang), please contact the Continuing Education Center, opens in new window.

If you are a non-Austrian citizen, you should bear in mind that as non-degree programme student you do not get a student residence permit (inquire about the visa regulations at the Austrian embassy/consulate in your country) and that you cannot get insurance in Austria. To be insured is compulsory for people living in Austria.

The interim status as non-degree programme student while attending the University Preparation Programme (i.e. 'German course') is a different legal matter, as the applicant is already officially accepted at the university. This is also valid for students attending a university course ("Universitätslehrgang").

Please note! Exams passed as a non-degree student can only be recognized in a later regular degree programme if, at the time of passing the exam, you did not have a secondary school leaving certificate.


The admission procedere for non- degree students is similar to the admission procedere for degree student.

You have to do the online registration and come with:

  1. the duly completed application form
  2. your admission code from the online registration
  3. and your passport

to the Admission Office to register personally within the admission periods (Deadlines: summer semester 30 April; winter semester 30 November) for degree programme students.

Yes. Please find detailed information here.

Admission Office

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