Non-degree programme students

There are two possibilities to be admitted at the university: as a degree or a non-degree programme student. Degree programme students are enrolled in a bachelor, master or doctoral programme. As a non-degree programme student you cannot receive an academic degree – this is only possible within the framework of a degree programme.

Non-degree students are students who are:

  1. not yet holding a secondary school leaving certificate,
  2. attending the University Preparation Programme (i.e. German course),
  3. attending a University course (Universitätslehrgang),
  4. preparing for the University entrance qualification exam,
  5. doing the Academic validation.

If you are interested in attending a University course (Universitätslehrgang), please contact the Continuing Education Center.

If you are a non-Austrian citizen, you should bear in mind that as non-degree programme student you do not get a student residence permit (inquire about the visa regulations at the Austrian embassy/consulate in your country) and that you cannot get insurance in Austria. To be insured is compulsory for people living in Austria.

The interim status as non-degree programme student while attending the University Preparation Programme (i.e. 'German course') is a different legal matter, as the applicant is already officially accepted at the university. This is also valid for students attending a university course ("Universitätslehrgang").

Please note! Exams passed as a non-degree student can only be recognized in a later regular degree programme if, at the time of passing the exam, you did not have a secondary school leaving certificate.


The admission procedure for non- degree students is similar to the admission procedure for degree student.

You have to do the online registration and come with:

  1. the duly completed application form
  2. and your passport

to the Admission Office to register personally within the admission periods (Deadlines: summer semester 30 April; winter semester 30 November) for degree programme students.

Yes, you must pay the students' union fee and tuition fee, opens an external URL in a new window, regardless of your nationality.

Admission Office

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