By creating research networks at an international level and by developing autonomous key areas within the university, the intention is to build up outstandingly effective, closely networked research facilities to tackle high-input research topics over the long term and with an inter-disciplinary approach.


  • Q-M&S - Correlated Quantum Materials and Solid State Quantum Systems Link
  • Advanced Computational Design
  • Tomography across the Scales, Link
  • Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems Link
  • Quasi Monte Carlo Methods Theory and Applications Link
  • ViCoM - Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory, Link
  • Next Lite - Next Generation Light Synthesis and Interaction
  • IR-ON - Nanostrukturen für Infrarot‐Photonik
  • FOXSI - Functional Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces
  • FoQuS - Foundations and Applications of Quantum Science, Link
  • Algorithmische und enumerative Kombinatorik, Link

FWF - Austrian Research Fund, Link, opens an external URL in a new window