Repositories are used to store, document, and publish all kinds of digital objects. Data repositories can help make a researcher's data more discoverable and accessible, leading to potential reuse. Using a repository can thus increase citations of a researcher's work. 

Repositories also support the FAIR principles: They provide unique and persistent identifiers for data, help add rich, clear, and machine-readable metadata to data, and make data findable for web-based search engines.

Discipline-specific data repositories

Researchers may be asked to store their data in certain repositories depending on the discipline requirements. Discipline-specific or disciplinary repositories offer the benefits of visibility in the research community, research data management expertise, and specialised tools and are already established services in some disciplines. The global Register of Research Data Repositories re3data, opens an external URL in a new window can help you find a research data repository for your domain. 

Data repository at TU Wien

TU Wien Research Data, opens an external URL in a new window is the institutional research data repository of TU Wien. It was - and continues to be - developed by the Center for Research Data Management and is operated by The repository can be used by all active members of TU Wien for the permanent storage, sharing and publication of research data and complements the other repository services of TU Wien, such as reposiTUm and TUgitLab.

The research data repository supports compliance with the FAIR principles and the Open Science idea and thus also meets the requirements of various funding bodies. Regulations on the visibility and reusability of the data are defined during the upload process. The options range from private to restricted to completely open. Each dataset is assigned a license to regulate subsequent use and a persistent identifier (DOI) for unambiguous citability.

TU Wien Data Repository: Guide for students

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Further repositories at TU Wien


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