Different data, funders, and project phases require different processes and infrastructures. We are happy to help you with your orientation and clarify your questions, just write to write to us

Please also note TU Wien's Policy for Research Data Management

Research data management already starts at proposal stage, as funding organisations are increasingly focusing on Open Science, Open Data and the FAIR principles. We help you with the right wording for your funding applications.

At the beginning of your research project and for processing your data, your tasks may include organising your data and finding suitable infrastructures for the management of data, granting access rights, and protecting your research data against unauthorized access.

Open access does not only concern text publications. For most funders, data, code, processes, etc. count as research results and have to be made openly available via data repositories processed according to the FAIR principles.

Why research data management?

We have summarized some of the advantages for you:

  • Secure storage and easy findability of your data
  • Better transparency and understandability through documentation
  • Clear assignability and permanent citability of data sets through DOIs
  • Easier exchange between project partners and between disciplines
  • Reuse of costly and labor-intensive generated data
  • Clarified ownership and usage rights at an early stage
  • Compliance with policies and guidelines of research institutions and funders


If you publish your data as Open Data:

  • Consideration of published data in evaluations
  • Increased visibility - of yourself and the project team
  • Increased impact factor
  • Increased eligibility for projects (Open Access and Open Science are criteria in Horizon proposals)
  • Acceptance by journals that require underlying data for publications