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Welcome to the Center for Research Data Management

Are you looking for suitable storage solutions for your data collection? Would you like to preserve your data, code and associated software and share it with others? Do you need a repository? Must you calculate data management costs for your project application, or are you required to create a data management plan? Has this raised legal or ethical questions?

Center for Research Data Management team

Then you have come to the right place. We, a team of TU Wien employees from various fields, offer you, a researcher and research group leader at the TU Wien, support in handling research data throughout the entire data life cycle.

Together with other departments at the TU Wien, we are contributing to a coordinated expansion of research data management services. We strive to adapt these services to your needs and constantly develop. Your feedback and suggestions are therefore welcomed.

What can we do for you?

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T: +43-1-58801-44002


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Symbol for data management plans: five horizontal lines, next to it a circle with a tick

A data management plan helps to make data accessible and reusable in the long term.


Symbol for funding guidelines: five horizontal lines and a magnifying glass

Funding bodies are more and more interested in the research on which publications are based.


Symbol for saving and sharing data: Circle of two clockwise arrows and a cloud in the middle

Using the services of the TU Wien to store and share data is a prudent decision.