Introduction into Research Data Management

In the winter semester of 2023/2024, the Centre for Research Data Management started its own lecture exercise (VU, 3 ECTS) on the basics of research data management in the Transferable Skills Catalogue.  

The course aims to teach the correct handling of research data and to create an awareness of topics like Open Science and reproducibility of research at an early stage. Covered are basics such as the FAIR principles, the research data lifecycle, and RDM policies, valuable tools like data management plans, persistent identifiers, and licenses, as well as essential technical components of an RDM infrastructure such as repositories and electronic lab notebooks.

The target group is Master's students outside the Faculty of Computer Science.

058.005 Introduction into Research Data Management, opens an external URL in a new window

Data Stewardship

For computer science students in the Master's programme, the Institute of Information Systems Engineering offers a lecture (VO, 3 ECTS) with an exercise (UE, 3 ECTS) on data stewardship in summer semesters. 

The courses cover general research data management topics such as reproducibility of research, FAIR principles, data management plans, and data citation, as well as technical content such as digital preservation and repository systems.

194.044 Data Stewardship (VO), opens an external URL in a new window

194.045 Data Stewardship (UE), opens an external URL in a new window