Research Compliance

Compliance means adhering to applicable law, regulations, policies, codes of conduct and thus conducting business processes compliant with rules.
In today’s globalised and digitalised world researchers increasingly face numerous rights and obligations to comply with and seek to avoid legal risks.
Coordination Research Compliance aims at translating the large number of partially complicated regulations in research into convenient working structures, bringing them together and support researchers to do their research in a legally compliant way.
By completing its tasks Research Compliance acts as interface to all research-related areas within the university (research support, labour law, finance, data protection, information security etc).
At the same time Research Compliance supports both university management and employees of TU Wien with regard to adherence to applicable law and regulations within the university in research.
A culture of compliance should be strengthened by providing specific consulting, training and awareness measures in research and structured reporting to university management.


Main tasks of Research Compliance:

§ to support legally compliant research

§ to provide legal advice concerning data protection in research

§ contact point for breaches of law in research

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