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3D graphics of the two material layers
© Erik Zumalt, Lukas Linhart

2D materials have triggered a boom in materials research. Now it turns out that exciting effects occur when two such layered materials are stacked and…

A scientist working with liquid nitrogen in the lab

New measurements have solved a mystery in solid state physics: How is it that certain metals do not seem to adhere to the valid rules?

two people in the lab

Surprise in solid-state physics: The Hall effect, which normally requires magnetic fields, can also be generated in a completely different way – with…

The raft-like DNA platform

A team at TU Wien was able to answer important questions about the immune system - with a trick reminiscent of paper folding.

Novel microcopy methods allow scientists to study the mechanical interaction of T-cells and particles

When T-cells of our immune system become active, tiny traction forces at the molecular level play an important role. They have now been studied at TU…