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Robot dog Spot stands on all fours and looks into the camera.
© Theresa Aichinger-Fankhauser

Boston Dynamics Spot® is the newest member of staff at TU Wien Informatics. The agile robot will assist in various research collaborations.

Woman with VR headset and tennis racket practising in the living room. Living room and tennis court merge seamlessly.
© VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG

TU Wien (Vienna) and VR Motion Learning are jointly developing a virtual tennis trainer. In the future, the virtual trainer will not only be able to…

"The hackers and I" with theme naming. Background black with keys on key board.

The password has a history as long and exciting as the present. TUW expert and hacker Marco Squarcina in an interview about our misconceptions and the…

three people in the lab

A surprising result in road engineering research: contrary to previous assumptions, visible light contributes to the ageing of bitumen, which can…