In accordance with its purpose as a research reactor, the TRIGA Mark-II is equipped with a number of irradiation devices:


  • 5 reflector irradiation tubes
  • 1 central irradiation tube
  • 1 pneumatic transfer system (transfer time 3 s)
  • 1 fast pneumatic transfer system (transfer time 20 ms)
  • 4 neutron beam holes
  • 1 thermal column
  • 1 neutron radiography facility 

In the reflector irradiation tubes 10 containers can be irradiated simultaneously. In the central irradiation tube samples up to 38.4 mm in diameter can be exposed to neutrons at a neutron flux density of 1013 cm-2s-1, while the pneumatic transfer system allows to transfer the materials to be activated into the reactor from a chemistry laboratory and back again after the required period of irradiation, without the experimentalist having to leave his working place.