T.I.M.E. Double Degree

T.I.M.E. stands for "Top International Managers in Engineering" and is an association of several universities around the globe including top-institutions in Japan. 

The main difference to other exchange programs is that students will be awarded a degree from BOTH participating universities upon completion. Additionally alumnis may apply for a T.I.M.E. label certificate which is highly acknowledged in the industry. The T.I.M.E. Double Degree is in itself an exciting experience. Prolonged study in another T.I.M.E. member institution, cultural and linguistic immersion, exposure to different study methods and learning approaches give the student in-depth personal training and development to complement and enrich her/his scientific studies.

Learn more about T.I.M.E. on the association’s website, opens an external URL in a new window.  

Double Degree in Biomedical Engineering - TU Wien (TUW) and Doshisha University (DU)

Tuition Fees

Candidates for the double degree program are liable for full tuition at their home institution and exempt from tuition at their host institution. That means, TUW students will not have to pay tuition fees in Japan.

Acceptance of TUW students at Doshisha University

TUW students who have taken and passed necessary examination at TUW may be given the opportunity to continue their studies at DU.  Students must then complete their studies at DU in accordance with the study program established for them by the school of their field of specialization, leading to the award of the Master’s degree from DU.  Upon successful completion of their home university degree requirements, the double degree students will then be simultaneously awarded their home university degree and Master`s Degree from DU.
The TUW students will abide by the same duties and regulations as the ones set up for the regular students at DU as well as the legal and social duties in Japan throughout their stay.
DU will do its utmost to help the TUW students.  For the TUW students who joined in the Double Degree program, DU will waive tuition fees, make efforts for accommodation in student residences and for access to university restaurant facilities on the same conditions as for the regular students at the host university.  TUW students attending DU are required to join the National Health Insurance Program instituted by the government of Japan.  These students are entitled to the same rights as the regular full-time students at DU.

Organization of the Double Degree Program

TUW students will abide by the following academic curriculum:

  • 1.5 years in DU
  • Year 1: 1st year Bachelor's Programme - TUW
  • Year 2: 2nd year Bachelor's Programme - TUW
  • Year 3: 3rd year Bachelor's Programme - TUW
  • Year 4: 1st year Master’s Programme “Biomedical Engineering” - TUW
  • Year 5: 2nd year Master’s Programme “Biomedical Engineering” - Winter Semester (October to January) - TUW 
  • Master’s Program - Spring Semester (April to September) - DU
  • Year 6: Completion of the Master’s Programme leading to the Master’s degree - DU

The thesis must be submitted and discussed at both institutions

Award of the Double Degree

Diplomingenieur from TUW and Master’s Degree from DU 


TUW students can apply for a Joint Study Scholarship. Please refer to the website of the International Office, opens an external URL in a new window for further details.