Degree Program means that the entire program is completed at the Host-University and the final degree (MSc or PhD) is awarded by the Japanese Institution only. Especially when planning to work in an international environment after graduation, a degree from a top-ranked foreign university may be beneficial for a job application. However, applicants have to be aware that they will no longer be studying at TU Wien and therefore will not receive a a degree (such as Diplomingenieur) in Austria.

International Graduate Program (IGP) 2024 at the University of Tokyo

The International Graduate Program in the Field of Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Studies offers advanced academic experiences and scholarships (covering tuition fees and living expenses) leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (Civil Engineering).  Please find attached information regarding the topics and supervisors of our IGP-program (PDF), opens a file in a new window.

Eligibility and Application

Students expecting to complete Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees before the end of September and those who already completed these degrees are eligible to apply for October admission. Scholarships include one from the Japanese government and other organizations provided to a wide range of candidates and one from Asian Development Bank provided to those with work experiences. 
The admission information along with some general information is available at the web site of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, opens an external URL in a new window.

MEXT / Monbukagakusho Scholarship

Austrian citizens are offered the opportunity to study at a university in Japan. The scholarship is intended to lay the foundation for future scientific cooperation between Austria and Japan.

Important note: Should the situation worsen due to the spread of Covid-19, the call for applications and selection for the scholarship can be cancelled at any time without replacement.
A detailed application guide can be found on the Website of the Japanese government, opens an external URL in a new window.


  • Austrian citizenship
  • Age: Please refer to the current call for applications for the exact age criteria.
  • Graduates and students who will graduate no later than the date of arrival in Japan
  • 6 months language course in Japan (can be omitted in case of English-language courses or sufficient knowledge of Japanese)


Submission of application materials (page 6 in the Application Guide) to the Japan Information and Cultural Center by mail or in person.

Pre-selection is made by

  • Document review
  • Initial screening (examination/interview):
  • Verification of foreign language skills (English and Japanese) by means of a written test.
  • By an Austrian-Japanese commission in the course of a personal interview.


Direct contact with universities in Japan is only possible after successfully passing the first round of selection. However, applicants are advised to inform themselves thoroughly about potential universities in Japan in advance.


Japanese Information and Cultural Center

Schottenring 8, 1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 533 85 86


Further information

Canon Foundation in Europe

For Europeans and Japanese nationals. Applicants should hold at least a Master’s Degree obtained in the last 10 years. All research fields are eligible – there are no restrictions.

Fellowships are for 3 months to 1 year maximum. Europeans are expected to do their research in Japan and Japanese to do their research within Europe.

Further information and the online application form can be found on the Canon Foundation's website, opens an external URL in a new window.

Tokyo Institute of Technology's International Graduate Program (A)
2 years Master Course

Tokyo Tech launched its International Graduate Program in October 2007 as an opportunity for qualified international students, who may have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language, to enroll in Tokyo Tech's Master's or Doctoral Programs and pursue an advanced degree in Japan.
With a diverse group of academic departments participating in this program, students should be able to find a department in which to further their research, acquire broader knowledge and understanding, and conduct advanced long-term research in a field that best matches their interests and background.
There is no Japanese language requirement for this program as lectures and seminars are held in English. However, students are given opportunities to attend Japanese language classes on a regular basis in order to better adapt to daily life in Japan.
A limited number of students with outstanding academic records are eligible to apply for a scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ("MEXT") with a recommendation from Tokyo Tech. TU Wien students with Austrian nationality are prioritized in the scholarship selection process.


The International Graduate Program offers a choice of seven English-language based curricular programs related to the 17 departments of Tokyo Tech and enables students to obtain a Master's or Doctoral degree. There are two types of programs: the Integrated Doctoral Education Program and Master's Programme. Some curricular programs are set up as an Integrated Doctoral Education Program, designed to combine the Master's Programme and Doctoral Program so that graduate students can obtain both degrees within three to five years.

Applicants are required to specify their choice of program from among those listed on the program's website, opens an external URL in a new window.

  • International Graduate Program in Science for Innovative Leaders (PSIL)
  • Interdisciplinary Program on Cyber-Physical System for Smart Society (CPSSS) 
  • Interdisciplinary Education Program on Material Research and Development Synergized by Data Science for Advanced Human Resource(Id-MatD2)
  • Graduate Program to Foster Bio-Global Leader
  • Postgraduate Program for Environmental Designers Contributing to Resilient Cities
  • Global Leader Program for Transdisciplinary Research


  • TU Wien students who are in the process of completing their Bachelor's Degree.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor Degree by by the day before admission date.
  • Other details regarding eligibility, please check the program's website.

Application Procedure

  • Before applying at TokyoTech candidates have to pass the internal selection process by JASEC.
  • For the initial application we need CV, Transcript of records (Sammelzeugnis) and Motivation Letter (Architecture applicants also portfolio)
  • Selected candidates will be interviewed by JASEC 
  • When nominated by JASEC the application starts at TokyoTech
  • Select a potential TokyoTech supervisor matching your educational focus on the Star Search website.
  • Applicants are required to communicate directly with their intended faculty member at Tokyo Tech via email and provide a self-introductory statement and a letter of intent for their period of study at Tokyo Tech, and obtain the consent of the desired faculty member to serve in this capacity. Applications will not be considered without the consent of a Tokyo Tech faculty member who will act as the applicant's academic supervisor.
  • Finally follow the application guidelines on the program's website.
  • Internal Application Deadline at TU Wien: please inquire at
  • Application Deadline at TokyoTech: please check the program's website.



Applicants with outstanding academic performance records are eligible to apply for a scholarship from MEXT. The scholarship provides round-trip airfare to Japan, and a monthly stipend according to the regulations of MEXT. The monthly stipend is ¥147,000 (JPY) for Master's Programme students and ¥148,000 (JPY) for Doctoral Program students. (*This stipend is subject to change as specified by the regulations of the MEXT Scholarship program.) Successful MEXT Scholarship recipients are not required to pay application, admission or tuition fees. The candidates nominated for MEXT Scholarship will be notified together with the admission decision in mid-March. The notification of scholarship recipients will be sent to applicants in early August at the latest.
Details can we found on Tokyo Tech's website, opens an external URL in a new window.


Applicants who enroll in Tokyo Tech without the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship have a chance to apply for the "Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students" from the Japan Student Services Organization ("JASSO").Please note that those who are granted any other scholarship cannot apply to receive for this scholarship simultaneously. The monthly amount of this scholarship is ¥48,000 (JPY). The monthly amount is subject to change as specified by JASSO. This scholarship will be paid from October to March (6 months). You should pay the admission and the tuition fees even if you are selected as a recipient of this scholarship.

Kyoto Institute of Technology
International Graduate Program for Interdisciplinary Study in Science and Technology (IGP)

Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) is inviting international graduate students to apply to the "International Graduate Program for Interdisciplinary Study in Science and Technology (IGP)."  

The following three categories will be available through IGP:
A. Combined FOUR-year Master’s/Doctoral Program
B. TWO-year Master’s Program
C.THREE-year Doctoral Program 

A sub-program of IGP, “Human Resource Development Program for the Smart Materials Manufacturing Sector: HDSMS” is available in the above categories B and C. IGP provides international students with an opportunity to undertake interdisciplinary study in science and technology in all majors offered by KIT, with instructions and lectures given, in principle, in English. 

Admissions Information and application materials are available on KIT's program website, opens an external URL in a new window 

Applicants are requested to consult the KIT student exchange coordinator (JASEC) at their institution and contact their prospective supervisor at KIT prior to submitting their application.