Quantum Many-Body Physics

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Our research focus is the theoretical description of the fascinating phenomena emerging in quantum many-electron systems. This scientific subject is, at the same time, extremely challenging and highly rewarding. The main difficulties arise from the necessity of treating a huge number of degrees of freedom (typically of the order of an Avogadro number) quantum-mechanically and, at the same time, to consider parameter regimes where conventional perturbation expansions are bound to fail (due to the lack of any intrinsic small scale in the many-electron Hamiltonians).

Addressing these complex theoretical issues is motivated by the exciting physics triggered by electronic correlations, ranging from the emergence of unconventional magnetism and high-temperature superconductivity to quantum phase-transitions of different kinds, observed in a context of a high sensitivity to small external perturbations.To this aim, novel algorithmic schemes are developed by our group in the framework of international cooperations and exploited for understanding and/or predicting properties of quantum materials. At the same time, deeper insight in fundamental aspects of the nonperturbative quantum field theoretical description of the many-electron physics is gained by means of advanced analytical or semi-analytical approaches.

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