Heat Treatment/Others

large tube furnace

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Our institute has several furnaces, which differ in:

a) Temperature range (-40 - 1700°C)

b) With or without protective gas atmosphere

c) sample space size

For more information please contact Stefan Zellhofer.

Lab-scaled vacuum furnace

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Centorr LF22-2000 vacuum furnace

  • Molybdenum shielded UHV vacuum system
  • Annealing temperature up to 1600 °C
  • Annealing environments: Argon, Nitrogen, Vacuum
  • Possible heating rate of 50 K/min
  • Passive cooling
  • Cyclic annealing treatments

[Translate to English:] Sonstiges - MFI / MVR-Messgerät

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Manufacturer: Karg Model: MeltFlow Basic 3100.000

Description: Measuring device for determining the melt flow index / melt flow volume.

Purpose: Determination of the melt - mass flow rate index of thermoplastic materials.

Technical specifications: Temperature 100 - 400 °C Load 2.16 and 5.0 kg

Manufacturer: GOM Society for optical measurement technology

Description: Non-contact deformation measuring system

Purpose: Non-contact deformation measurement (ARAMIS - 2D and 3D measurement of deformation fields) during mechanical tests. For statically or dynamically loaded samples and components, ARAMIS enables the non-contact and material-independent determination of

  • 3D coordinates and 3D translations
  • 3D speeds and accelerations
  • Plane strain tensor and plane strain rate
  • Material characteristics

Technical specifications: Camera resolution 1280 x 1024
pixels Frame rate 6Hz Measuring range mm² to > m²
Strain measurement range 0.1% up to > 100%
Elongation accuracy up to 0.1%