Short title: DigiBack

Long title: Digitales Assistenzsystem für die variantenreiche Backwarenproduktion

Sponsor: Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Allocation to IMW's research priorities:

  • Digital assistance systems in production
  • Work design with digital networking
  • Work organization, ergonomics, process improvement

Duration: Oktober 2019 - September 2021


The company Ströck-Brot GmbH is one of the largest Austrian bakery companies based in Vienna. The bakery production includes about 800 different, partly seasonal, product variants. Today, unplanned material rejects occur in the production process: Scrap that is disposed of and that which can be processed again. The former is documented weekly, but it is not comprehensively known at which process step the scrap occurs. This means waste of material, employee and plant resources, energy and space. The internal scrap (residual dough) that is reprocessed in the process is not quantifiable. In this project, the use of a digital assistance system and digital networking of machines will reduce material waste by 20%. In addition, more than 70 ovens are operated in production with a capacity utilization of about 70%. An increase in capacity utilization of 15% is to be achieved via optimized just-in-time control and energy wastage is to be counteracted.


The project will implement a proof-of-concept software demonstrator (TU-MARS) that provides the following:

  • Text comprehensibility dashboard for each report analyzed
  • Extraction of text comprehensibility features at report level and feature level.
  • Presentation of detailed measurements of the readability of the text for each analyzed report
  • Visualization of the extracted sentiments for each analyzed report
  • Presentation of the extracted associations and an association measurement index for each analyzed report

Partner: Ströck-BIO-BROT Produktions GmbH


Dipl.-Ing. Tanja Zigart

Phone: +43 1 58801 33053