Maturity Management: Maturity Assessment & Monitoring (MA&M) Application

  • Problem: Usability and benefit of the maturity management crucially depend on the quality of the underlying maturity model. Amazingly, in most of the maturity models available in the literature the CMMI maturity model of the Carnegie Mellon University is referenced as origin of maturity assessment. But by defining their models the progressive arrangement of the maturity level attributes is not replicated. Consequently, these maturity models are no development models that unambiguously allow the assessment of the achieved maturity level as well as the specification of improvement steps to be taken.
  • Research Method: The unambiguities requirement for a development model is achieved by ensuring the progressive arrangement of the maturity level attributes via Rossiter’s constructivist C-OAR-SE measurement theory (Construct-Object/Attribute/Rater-Scale/Enumeration). As up to now no other in the market available software tool is equipped like this, the MA&M application has the USP of being the only tool that provides the possibility to setup a maturity model for any desired context and additionally provides the monitoring functionality needed for the maturity management.
  • Contribution:
    • Schwaiger/Brandstätter: Design und Implementierung von Reifegradmodellen für das „Reifegrad-Controlling“ im ERM-Kontext, Controlling – Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, 1/2022, München, 2022.