Integrative Social Robotics

Research and technological developments aim at enhancing artificial autonomous devices with social skills and social intelligence, thereby creating social robots that are able to interact with humans. The socio-economic and socio-cultural implications of this development are yet unknown.

The integrative social robotics (INSOR) project aims at developing and evaluating foundations and applications for social robots. INSOR is funded by a Semper Ardens Grant of the Carlsberg Foundation projects (project leader: Prof. Johanna Seibt, University of Aarhus, Denmark).An international and interdisciplinary project group of 25 researcher work in ten sub-projects.

The department of Labor Science and Organization (Sabine Koeszegi and Michael Filzmoser) partipates in the sub-project "Fair proxy mediation". Aim of the project is to investigate if social robots are perceived as fair mediators in negotiation and conflict situations. Social robots are simulated by remotely-operated telenoids in one of four experimental settings, the others are no mediation, human mediation and e-mediation. For the experiments we developed the experimental design, the negotiation case and adapted the e-mediation expert system VienNA to the requirements of the study.

INSOR project homepage, opens an external URL in a new window, Research Unit for Robophilosophy, University of Aarhus