Maximilian Schramek is a student researcher at the Mechanical Engineering Informatics and Virtual Product Development Research Unit and the Institute of Engineering Design and Product Development at the TU Wien (TUW). Mr. Schramek conducts research in an international team to improve teaching and learning methods in engineering education and investigates processes and tools used by engineering teams to develop innovative new products. His work also includes supervising project-based courses to strengthen collaboration between industry and academia.

Currently, Maximilian Schramek is pursuing a Master’s degree in the field of industrial engineering. The focus of his studies is on methods of axiomatic product development, as well as computer aided engineering.

Mr. Schramek earned his bachelor's degree at the TUW under the supervision of Prof. Manfred Grafinger. His undergraduate studies focused on lightweight construction and applied thermodynamics.



Currently, Mr. Schramek is coordinating the Erasmus+ Project CResDET - Crisis-Resistant Digital Education and Training. The aim is to develop methods and guidelines for the digitization of higher education courses in order to ensure excellent knowledge transfer in a crisis situation and to inspire learners of all learning styles to engage in teaching activities.


Mr. Schramek supervises international student teams in axiomatic product development in close collaboration with industry partners. In the course of this work, he investigates collaboration patterns that occur during intensive product development hackathons.

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