Short CV

Prof. Franz Rauscher studied mechanical engineering, branch of study: Chemical and Process Engineering at the TU Wien and received his doctorate in 1993 at the TU Wien, where he then habilitated in 2005 for the subject "Pressure Equipment Engineering".

He has been employed at the TU Wien since 1989 - first at the Institute of Pressure Vessel and Plant Technology and then later at the current Institute for Engineering Design and Product Development (into which the former institute was integrated).

Design and calculation of pressure equipment form a focus of his research activities, with further development of methods for Design by Analysis and a particular interest in fatigue and creep damage. Experimentally, he has carried out fatigue tests on pressure equipment, using acoustic emission measurements.

Since the introduction of the Chemical and Process Engineering as a degree at the TU Wien, Prof. Rauscher has been involved in the curriculum committee, where he is currently the chairperson. His courses focus on pressure vessel and plant design and are primarily attended by students of Chemical and Process Engineering (Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering - Management students can also study this subject area in depth).


Research Areas:

  • Strength calculations of pressure equipment (fatigue, creep, etc.)
  • Analytical admissibility check (Finite Element Method)
  • CAD design in pressure vessel and plant technology
  • Acoustic emission testing of pressure equipment
  • Vessels for phase change materials (PCMs)