I4RD – Industry for Redispatch

Redispatch refers to the targeted adjustment of power generation and consumption schedules in order to avoid bottlenecks in the power grid. A growing share of fluctuating renewable generation and the progressive integration of the European power grids, have resulted in increasing grid loads and a growing need for redispatch. The I4RD project will develop innovative solutions that optimize a company's participation in the market while securing its energy supply. This approach will enable the participation of industries in redispatch.

Schematic diagram of energy supply with I4RD


An energy demand control system (EDCS) developed in the preliminary project for optimal control of industrial energy systems is tested in this project on real industrial plants to enable participation in the redispatch market. For this purpose, we at the IET extend the EDCS to identify and quantify flexibilities in operation. In doing so, we are creating a hierarchical optimization model to derive optimal bids to offer in the redispatch market while ensuring an optimal schedule for industrial operations.