The Research Unit Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering of the Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics offers comprehensive services:

  • Carrying out expert reports.
  • performing analyses.
  • Creation of software solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Development of program modules tailored to your needs.
  • Conducting experimental investigations.


The Research Unit Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering offers know-how in numerous thermal engineering matters such as

  • Stationary and transient heat exchange (design of thermal engineering systems),
  • Heat transfer of single and multi-phase fluids (steam generator construction, fluidized bed),
  • Numerical methods in thermal engineering (single-phase and multi-phase CFD calculations, stability analyzes on designated, branched pipe networks (e.g. natural circulation, forced flow, ...), specially developed solutions).

The Research Unit Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering carries out thermal and fluid flow analyses for you with commercial and / or self-developed software. Some of the latter can also be purchased:

  • NOWA
    Program for calculating mass flow distribution and pressure loss in heated pipe networks under the influence of gravity. - Particularly helpful in the design of natural circulation, forced circulation and forced flow steam generators as well as for throttle design for heating surfaces (development of the institute).
  • DBS
    Program for simulating transient flow processes in heated pipe networks under the influence of gravity. - Particularly suitable for the analysis of start-up and load change processes in steam generators (development of the institute).
  • CFD packages: FLUENT, CFX, Barracuda
    Programs for calculating steady and unsteady flow and temperature fields.
  • Process simulation packages: IPSEpro, ASPENplus, APROS, Ebsilon
    Programs for the calculation of thermodynamic cycles and optimization of heating systems; for stationary and non-stationary applications.
    Program for designing, recalculation and optimization of steam generators.
  • Dymola/Modelica                                                                      
    Program for dynamic simulation of energy systems.

We offer you the development of tailor-made software solutions for thermal engineering problems. Depending on your wishes and requirements, the solution can be found using a wide variety of means:

  • C, C++
  • FORTRAN 77 bzw. 90
  • Python
  • Matlab-Simulink
  • Modelica
  • Mathcad

We also offer routines for thermal calculations that can be integrated into various programs (e.g. C, FORTRAN, Mathcad, MS-EXCEL, MATLAB):

  • Equations of state for water and steam including the inverse functions.
  • Numerous property routines (e.g. for specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, specific enthalpy, etc.) for gas mixtures.
  • Routines for calculating energy transport by radiation.
  • Routines for calculating the heat transfer on convection heating surfaces.

A laboratory with a total area of ​​approx. 1500 m² is available for tests. The following systems and test rigs can currently be used directly:
• 280 kWth thermal oil - supply of thermal energy.
• 30 kWth fixed bed regenerator, vertical + horizontal.
• 15 kWth liquid salt pilot plant.
• 200/350 kWth sCO2 circuit 220 bar 380/650°C
We also offer support in carrying out pressure, temperature and mass flow measurements and in determining the properties of solid, liquid and gaseous substances.