Numerous projects have been carried out in the research area of ​​Energy System Modeling.

Selected Projects

Due to the complexity of the energy systems of continents, countries, etc., it is unlikely that top-down approaches on their own are sufficient to achieve the necessary energy transition. Therefore, it is proposed here to develop sustainable energy solutions for a type of regions. In the research focus (FSP) 1 of the ResearchLab regions with a population of about 2500 inhabitants (limited to Austria) will be analyzed with the aim to supply them decentrally with renewable energy sources. To achieve this the import of electricity and heat produced with fossil fuels shall be minimized and the regionally available emission-neutral energy sources shall be used instead.

Schematic project description

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In the FSP1 a method is being developed, that allows to determine the optimal energy supply of regions under specific constraints. For this purpose, a concept to derive the time dependent energy demand (load profile) of a region using statistical data is applied first. With the load profiles as input, optimization software is then used to determine the optimal energy supply for the region with respect to a specific objective function. Besides the already implemented scenarios (renewable supply with and without access to the public electricity grid), further scenarios will be defined and investigated to assess the future energy supply.

The GLOCK ResearchLab is located at three institutes of TU Wien. The other research focuses are gasification of biomass and the conversion of the synthesis gas in combustion engines.


GLOCK Private Foundation

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Institute for Powertrains and Automotive Technology, TU Wien
Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering, TU Wien


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