Women4GEO is an initiative of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation to attract female students and researchers to this field. An education in this field means a variety of diverse job opportunities, as the department combines eight different research groups. Women4GEO provides various information about awards, events, calls for applications, etc. that are of special interest to women. More information is available here, opens an external URL in a new window.

In order to increase the number of young female scientists, the Remote Sensing Research Unit also offers an annual geo4women scholarship. Within this framework, a female student is enabled to work on a self-proposed topic or an already ongoing project for two months. Based on the success of the scholarship, the initiative will be rolled out to the entire faculty in the coming years.

Austrian Association of Women in Mathematics

A²WiM, opens an external URL in a new window aims to increase the visibility of female mathematicians working at Austrian institutions and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and mutual support. Their mission is to encourage women to take up and continue their studies in mathematics, and to promote mathematics among women.

European Women in Mathematics

The Europe-wide association European Women in Mathematics, opens an external URL in a new window (EWM) exists since 1986 to encourage women to pursue (scientific) careers in mathematics, to provide support to female mathematicians in their careers, and to connect female mathematicians across Europe.

EWM has several hundred members in 30 countries. In addition to general meetings and summer schools held every 2 years, EWM regularly sends out a newsletter and maintains email networks with numerous job offers. Another goal of EWM is to collect and make information available about women in mathematics. Women mathematicians should be made visible.

A portrait (PDF), opens an external URL in a new window of EWM by Karin Baur, KFU Graz, can be found in the Internat. Math.Nachrichten No. 225 (2014), 1-4

IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics

The IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM) was founded in March 2015. Since then, it has supported many regional and continental networks for women in mathematics. CWM is particularly concerned with supporting Latin American networks of women. Therefore, CWM has also financially supported initiatives in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, see http://www.mathunion.org/cwm, opens an external URL in a new window for details.

Women in research and technology

With FEMtech the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) supports women in research and technology in finding the same framework conditions and opportunities for success as men in the professional environment. The aim is to increase equal opportunities between women and men in indusrial and non-university research.

Advancement of Women at TU Wien

TU Wien is committed to the implementation of equal opportunities for women at all levels of the university career and supports numerous programs and initiatives, such as:

  • techNIKE (PDF) in which summer workshops for female students aged 10-14 are organized
  • Daughters' Day, where daughters of employees and their friends aged 11-16 can spend a day getting a taste of everyday life at TU Wien
  • FIT information days, during which high school girls deal with special topics in workshops that they can choose themselves.

Third-party funding and scholarships

  • The Johanna Dohnal Sponsorship Awards are given to female students or graduates of Austrian colleges and universities for master's or diploma theses or dissertations (regardless of their stage) that promote the realization of gender democracy and serve as role models for girls and women in education and study.
  • In addition to the women's service for business founders, the Vienna Business Agency offers an women's bonus for many third-party funding programs if a woman is the project leader.
  • As part of the FemTECH initiative, the FFG offers funding in several areas. Research projects with gender relevance, especially in technical fields, are funded. In addition, FEMtech Karriere supports companies and non-university institutions in hiring and retaining more women. There is also funding for companies and non-university institutions for FEMtech internships for female students.
  • The FWF offers three different programs to support women. Hertha-Firnberg for PostDocs, Elise-Richter for Senior PostDocs and Elise-Richter-PEEK with the aim of qualifying to apply for a professorship.
  • The VERBUND Scholarship for Women supports female students of some technical study fields in their bachelor's, master's or doctoral studies.
  • PRIMA grants are aimed at outstanding female researchers from Switzerland as well as from abroad who aspire to a professorship in Switzerland. PRIMA grantees lead their own research project at a Swiss university. They conduct research independently and with their own team.
  • The w-fForte program supports innovative women with free career training, project development workshops and events.