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A Subsurface Scatterers Mask for ASCAT Soil Moisture Data

Global map of subsurface scatterers

© GEO Department

Due to their penetration depth, active microwave sensors are sensitive to discontinuities in the soil profile caused by the presence of stones, rocks or distinct soil layers. To support users of ASCAT soil moisture data we created a mask of subsurface scatterers.

Sentinel-1 Global Backscatter Model (S1GBM)

Global Backscatter Model based on Sentinel-1

© GEO Department

The Sentinel-1 Global Backscatter Model (S1GBM) describes Earth for the period 2016 - 2017 by the mean C-band radar cross section in VV- and VH-polarization at a 10 m sampling, giving a high-quality impression on surface structures and patterns.

European Sentinel-1 Forest Type and Tree Cover Density Maps

Aerial shot of a road surrounded by forest

© Geranimo @Unsplash

European Sentinel-1 forest type and tree cover density maps represent first continental-scale forest layers based on Sentinel-1 C-Band backscatter data. For the year 2017 they cover the majority of European continent with 10 m and 100 m sampling for forest type and tree cover density.